Some Q & A with Reasonable Thought

Why are you writing this?

Sometimes I have thoughts on things and for whatever reason felt that some of them should be public. I also have friends who have lots of good thoughts that I think are worth sharing on a platform. Expect some material from Quinn Brandt soon.

Plus I just enjoy making websites.

No, like, why are you writing this post?

Because the history of Reasonable Thought has been inconsistent at best and I want to clear up its current status.

That’s true. Last year this was a thing, and then it was an abandoned thing, and then it wasn’t a thing for awhile. Why?

That’s my fault. I had lots of grand ideas for future posts and content but then I got distracted by something and never got back on it. So here we are again. I’m coming at it with a little more of a plan this time around so maybe it will stay a thing.

But why are you writing these questions as if anyone actually wants to know this?

Well I’m pretty self-centered

Aren’t you basically just copying the writing style of

Yeah but he’s definitely worth copying. You should probably drop what you’re doing and go read all of his posts right now.

Thanks but I have a life. So what can I expect?

Don’t corner me. I don’t enjoy being cornered. But, you can probably expect about 1 post/week. Topics included: music reviews, thought provoking media, and discussion on social trends. Got something comin’ at ya 12/15.


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