This post is 27 of 30 in a series about songs that mean a lot to me. The rest of the posts are here, and here’s a Spotify playlist of the songs

Today’s song was another that I hadn’t planned on writing about. I really didn’t want to write about any given artist more than twice, but here I am breaking my own rule. Why, you ask? You’re probably not asking that but I’ll tell you anyways. I was driving home from church this morning and I randomly put on Kintsugi, Death Cab’s most recent LP, and the song Little Wanderer came on. It amazes me how a song can pass you by one day, but in the right context can pull all your attention onto its meaning.

You sent a photo out your window of Tokyo // Told me you were doing fine // You said the cherry blossoms were blooming // And that I was on your mind // But I couldn’t make you out through the glitches // It’s how it always seems to go // So we say our goodbyes over messenger // As the network overloads // When the network overloads

Always fall asleep when you’re waking // I count the hours on my hands // Doing the math to the time zone you’re at // Is an unseen part of the plan // But if you’ll be my bluebird returning // Then I’ll be your evergreen // Standing tall on your horizon // Guiding you home to me // Guiding you home to me

She’s been in Italy for two weeks and comes home tomorrow and it seriously floors me how the words of this song caught today. It felt like I had written it myself and forgot about it until today. I’m happy she got to take the trip, and I’m grateful for what it taught us in regards to making the most of our communication, but this song alludes to the things I won’t miss as well. Waiting for the perfect storm of wifi access and timezone overlap to talk. Staring frustrated at a glitched-out phone screen while trying to FaceTime. Wondering how the distance would affect our connection.

But someone’s gotta be the lighthouse // And that someone’s gotta be me

In an interview about this song, Ben Gibbard talked about the strain distance inevitably puts on a relationship. He noted that the person waiting at home has to adopt the role of lighthouse; the one to guide their partner home.

What really got me about this song is the end of the third verse. I’m happily driving down to O’Hare tomorrow night to pick up Shanna and her friend. She told me that her only request is that I come inside to the  baggage claim rather than waiting out at the curb. And then I hear this line.

And I hope your absence makes us grow fonder
I hope we always feel the same
When our eyes meet past security, we embrace in the baggage claim
When we kiss in the baggage claim

This is a girl who has really caused me to shed any interest in looking cool on the internet or otherwise. I hesitated earlier on the decision to write this post. For a moment I wondered if I should really subject the internet to any more of my musings on my girlfriend. But, I don’t really care. These posts have,  primarily, simply consisted of what’s on my mind, and she’s certainly it.

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