This post is 22 of 30 in a series about songs that mean a lot to me. The rest of the posts are here, and here’s a Spotify playlist of the songs

Transatlanticsm is my personal favorite from Death Cab. Every song is so well written. These songs bottle and transfer such a wide range of emotions. I’ve already covered Title and Registration, which was fairly melancholy. Passenger Seat explores the other end of that spectrum.

On paper, Passenger Seat should  be boring. The instrumental is as sparse as it gets. The lyrics are sung slowly. There isn’t a lot of dynamic range in this song. But it’s all done with intention. This song perfectly captures the sleepy, blissful feeling of being with the one you you feel that way about in a totally comfortable setting.

// From the passenger seat as // You are driving me home //

This song revels in the simple joy of spending time with your significant other. The lyrics describe nothing more than the sensory observations of a particular moment. It seems like this is what makes a significant other significant; when a normally mundane moment can be made into a special one just because of who you’re with.

Give this song a listen. Put yourself into the shoes of the singer and imagine that moment. Smelling the pine and seeing the stars; knowing that specific is moment just because of who you’re with.

Can’t wait til she’s back from Italy.

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