This post is 21 of 30 in a series about songs that mean a lot to me. The rest of the posts are here, and here’s a Spotify playlist of the songs

It’s really hard to believe I’ve been at this for 3 weeks. While I can’t say I’ll miss the pressure of feeling like I need to come up with something of value to write each and every day, I think I’ll feel a creative vacuum in my life when I’m done. I went into this exercise with very low expectations of what I’d get out of it, and I’m happy to say it has been a serious blessing in a lot of surprising ways. I can’t take credit for this one though. Shanna, one of my best advocates and biggest supporters, is really the one who pushed me to write. Despite my initial skepticism, it’s been everything she claimed it would be. I’m quite happy to be with someone who is much smarter and wiser than I am.

If you’ve given the thought of doing a 30 day writing challenge even marginal consideration, don’t hesitate! Seriously, just try it. At the bare minimum you will be cultivating discipline within yourself which is worth it on its own, but I promise you’ll get more than that. If you don’t know where to start, just shoot me a message – I’d be happy to help you get started.

Today’s song is, in my opinion, undeniably a summer song. It’s upbeat, tropical flavor just begs to played with the sun shining and windows down. It’s message, while I’m not in total agreement, is a healthy dose of feel-goodery. It’s another technical term. If I had to summarize this song in two words, I would choose “be yourself”.

// Paint it like you always dreamed it’d be //


While I would hesitate to endorse some of the irresponsible overtones of this track, I think there’s a lot to be said for the idea of shedding the expectations of those around us that we tend to internalize. It’s my belief that everyone is inherently a people pleaser. Even if someone’s persona has that “I don’t care what anyone thinks” flair to it, my suspicion is their core motivation is still tied to seeking affirmation.

To stay perfectly true to ourselves and rejecting the expectations of others while adhering to our principles is to walk an impossibly thin line. I’m quite convinced that some of things our true selves desire are inherently wrong. I’m also quite convinced that adopting a certain set of beliefs or principles simply because a person who we want to please wants us to is also inherently wrong. A life spent pursuing the approval of another person will undoubtedly feel hollow at its conclusion, but the desire to be in relationship with others is intrinsic and, quite simply, impossible to ignore.

// And many years from now //  The landlord will kick us out // He’ll cover all our sins // He’ll paint it white again //


I’m not under the impression that Lewis Del Mar is attempting to make a religious appeal with this line, but I think there’s some truth to derive here. As personal as some of these posts have been, I haven’t made overt or explicit attempts to discuss what I believe. I have some rationalizations about this, but part of me thinks that writing about my spiritual beliefs just feels a lot more vulnerable than writing about my feelings.  What I will say is this: all of the major observations I’ve had about life and the human experience connect in a very specific way that informs what I believe. There’s something mysteriously paradoxical about the way humans have such a compelling desire to be fully known, to be fully understood by others, but also mask and disguise their true selves from their loved ones. We all have parts of us that we fear to reveal to others, even those closest to us. As this song suggests, however, I think there is some serious value in sharing just a little more than we’re comfortable with those that you trust. It’s a practice I’m only starting to learn more about through this series, and I’ve found that the pros vastly outweigh the cons.



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